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End-to-End platform to discover, become involved with, or invest in Deep Knowledge Group’s current scope of market-ready products and projects: 

  •  114 projects in total

  •  30 Longevity projects

  •  13 Analytical Dashboards

  •  12 AI Industry projects 

  •  10 Philanthropy projects

Deep Knowledge Group Projects Platform

Global AI Ecosystem

AI Industry Analytics

AI Data Analytics Platform

Narrow Focused Projects

Big Data Analytics System and Dashboards

Discover more about Deep Knowledge Group's Projects through Advanced and Next Generation Projects Platform

We provide deep data science insights into the private and public markets via customized IT platforms we call Dashboards.

Deep Knowledge Group Projects Platform

Learn about, participate in and invest in Deep Knowledge Group's current portfolio of projects and products that are market-ready

Deep Knowledge Group Projects Platform

Uncover the functionalities of Advanced Projects, familiarize yourself with various dashboards, R&D, algorithms, platforms, mHealth apps, FinTech apps, and many more.

What is Projects Platform?

The Projects Platform is a collection of cutting-edge, next-generation projects designed to transform the way organizations operate.

  • More than 100 Advanced Projects

  • 20 enhanced dashboards

How It Works

Initiate your journey by requesting trial access to our platform and projects. This will give you first-hand experience of what we offer.


Request Access

To gain access to sensitive legal and investment data, you'll need to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). This ensures the protection of confidential information.

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Dive into our innovative projects. Whether you're aiming to enhance your organization's efficiency, make data-driven decisions, or seek potential investment opportunities, our platform has plenty to offer.



Analytical Subsidiaries of Deep Knowledge Group

Aging Analytics Agency
Deep Knowledge Analytics
DeepTech and Longevity Industry Financial Advisors
Deep Pharma Intelligence

Explore Our Other Products

DeepTech and Longevity Industry Financial Advisors


Longevity InsurTech End-to-End Platform

Invest in Ukraine Tech

Ecosystem Mapping as a Service

Deep Knowledge Group is embarking on a campaign to offer our ecosystem mapping services free-of-charge to select universities, municipal governments, innovative corporations, progressive philanthropic organisations and related institutions seeking access  to mapping the professional, domain-specific and region-specific ecosystems

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